• Fees and Price Plan

    We offer a quality children care and friendly atmosphere
    • Registration fee

      To be paid when registering your child.
      (not applicable to those receiving 2, 3 or 4 year old funding)

      • Non-refundable
      £36.50/ per child
    • Full week
      • Monday – Friday
      • 08.00-18.00 / 7.00-17.00
      • Meals included
      • For non-funded children only
      £204.00 / week
    • Full day
      • Meals included (unless having as funded hours)
      • 08.00-18.00 / 7.00-17.00
      • For non-funded children only
      £45.95 / day
    • Hourly Rate

      A minimum of three hours per session per child must be booked unless adding it onto a session or onto funded hours.
      For children who attend funded hours any additional hours will be charged at this rate as our concessionary full week and full day rates are for non-funded children only.

      • Monday – Friday
      • 08.00-18.00 / 7.00-17.00
      • Meals not included
      • For funded and non-funded children
      £5.15/ per child
  • Retainers

    A retainer of one 12th of your monthly fees will be added to the monthly bill for the 1st 12 months that your child attends Dinky Ducks Daycare in order to build a month’s retainer for your child’s months notice period.

    If children are collected after their session has finished a late fee will be charged of £9.50 per child, after ½ an hour the hourly charge will also be added to the late fee for each hour.

  • Nursery payment terms and conditions

    Parents are invoiced 10 days before the end of the month for the following month; all fees are to be paid by the 1st of the month if paying monthly and on your child’s 1st session of the week if paying weekly.

    The nursery is closed for five staff training days each year. Parents are given at least 6 week’s notice and the nursery is closed for all bank holiday and a week at Christmas, parents are not charged for these days.

    Fees will not be refunded or sessions swapped if your child is absent. One month’s fees to be paid as a deposit over the first 12 months (by paying 1/12 of a month’s fees each month during the child’s first year at nursery). One months notice is required for any change of sessions, and the relevant form completed. One months notice is required in advance if you wish to withdraw your child or a month’s fees in lieu of notice.

  • How to Enroll Your Child to a Group?

  • Meal charges

    Providing nutritious healthy meals and snacks throughout the nursery day
    • Breakfast
      • Served at 07.30 and 08.00
      £1.20 / day
    • Lunch
      • Served at 11.45
      £2.80 / day
    • High Tea
      • Served at 15.15
      £2.60 / day
  • Children's Meals

    No more juggling pick ups, organising bags and packed lunches for the day we take care of it all, providing nutritious healthy meals and snacks throughout the nursery day for your child catering for all allergies and dietary needs.
  • We consistently provide high quality, varied meals for all children, catering for vegetarian, weaning and special dietary and allergy requirements. Our lunch and tea time meals are provided through a company call Hungry Monsters http://www.hungry-monsters.com/ 

    We provide breakfast, mid morning snack and milk, two course lunch, mid afternoon snack and milk and a high tea. The children are encouraged to drink plenty of water while at nursery. All children are offered water to drink throughout the day.

  • If your child is attending their funded hours only and you would like them to have nursery meals (breakfast/lunch/tea) you will be required to pay for the meals of you can bring a packed lunch/tea in line with our packed lunch and healthy eating policy. We work in partnership with parents to support the individual routines of children under two years of age. All children are offered a varied healthy snack both mid morning and mid afternoon.

    Dinky Ducks Day Care has continuously been awarded the highest level of Food hygiene from the Food Standards agency.

    For more information on healthy eating please visit the following website: www.littlepeoplesplates.co.uk