0-24 Months Old
  • A relaxed caring environment

    Our preschool program has two dedicated classes
  • Ducklings

    At Ducklings we are our own little family, there is a large indoor area and a garden where we have lots of fun every day, learning through sensory and messy activities as well as lots of other exciting adventures.  Every child has a key person who cares for their individual needs in a relaxed caring environment, along with supporting each child’s family.


    • Age Group:
      3-24 Months Old
    • Group Size:
      20 Children
    • Sessions:
      Sessions available between 07.00-18.00
    • My daughter has come a long way since starting, speaks well, knows 1-10 and her alphabet – so the staff are doing a grand job teaching.

    • The team at Dinky Ducks are all friendly and more than willing to take time to explain anything.

    • All staff are fantastic, so is the atmosphere.

  • Ducklings Staff

    With education and experience in early childhood care
    • Vicki Devereux
      Nursery Practitioner

      Vicki has been at Dinky Ducks for 3 years, specialising in Boogie Mites. She is passionate about helping children achieve and helping to provide the best possible start in life. Personal interests are spending time with family and socialising.

    • Lauren Kingswell
      Senior Qualified Practitioner

      Lauren has been at Dinky Ducks for 6 years, specialising in SENCO and baby signing. She is passionate about good parent partnerships and positive key person relationships. Personal interests are watching football (going to matches and on TV) and spending time relaxing with family.

    • Julia Batley
      Nursery Manager

      Julia has been at Dinky Ducks for 13 years specialising in managing a dedicated team of professional practitioners. She is passionate about inspiring children to be whatever they choose to be. Personal interests are singing in a choir, watching rugby and the occasional bike ride.

    • Amy Markham
      Nursery practitioner

      Amy has been at Dinky Ducks for 1 year, specialising in the lunch time routine. She is passionate about nutrition and firmly believes that every child matters, whatever their background or circumstances. Personal interests are furthering her education at college and spending time with family.

    • Leona Wright
      Qualified Practitioner

      Leona has been at Dinky Ducks for 1 year and is working hard to keep our Ofsted ‘Outstanding’ award. Personal interests are spending time with her family. “I really have enjoyed my time so far at Dinky Ducks. Everybody works hard and we have excellent training and bonding opportunities.

    • Alison Fryer
      Nursery Practitioner

      Alison has been at Dinky Ducks for 11 years. She is passionate about teaching and believes every child should be treated equally and given the same opportunities and she is committed to helping every child achieve their full potential. Personal interests are spending time with family and grandchildren. gardening and cooking, knitting and cross stitch.

    • Lindsey Davies
      Kitchen Assistant

      Lindsey has been at Dinky Ducks for 1 year, specialising in nutrition and cooking. She is passionate about healthy eating and having fun. Personal interests are spending time with her children and making cakes.

    • Sarah Brown
      Nursery Nurse Apprenticeship and Key Worker

      Sarah has been at Dinky Ducks for 9 months. She is passionate about keeping a safe environment for the children. Personal interests are spending time with family and friends.

    • Vicky Morey
      Nursery Practitioner

      Vicky has been at Dinky Ducks for 8 months. She is passionate about helping create a fun positive, happy environment that welcomes all children and their families. Personal interests are travelling and yoga classes.

    • Heidi Jones

      Heidi has been at Dinky Ducks for 10 months. She is passionate about helping every child have a good start in life, supporting and helping children in any way she can and being a positive role model by improving her own skills and learning at any opportunity she gets. Personal interests are spending time with her daughter. Baking, arts and crafts, puzzles and playing games. Spending time with family and friends.

  • Please contact us to register your child at Dinky Ducks Day Care.