0-24 Months Old
  • A relaxed caring environment

    Our preschool program has two dedicated classes
  • Ducklings

    At Ducklings we are our own little family, there is a large indoor area and a garden where we have lots of fun every day, learning through sensory and messy activities as well as lots of other exciting adventures.  Every child has a key person who cares for their individual needs in a relaxed caring environment, along with supporting each child’s family.


    • Age Group:
      3-24 Months Old
    • Group Size:
      20 Children
    • Sessions:
      Sessions available between 07.00-18.00
    • My daughter has come a long way since starting, speaks well, knows 1-10 and her alphabet – so the staff are doing a grand job teaching.

    • The team at Dinky Ducks are all friendly and more than willing to take time to explain anything.

    • All staff are fantastic, so is the atmosphere.

  • Ducklings Staff

    With education and experience in early childhood care
    • Sharon
      Qualified Practitioner

      Sharon is a works in the Ducklings room, her specialism is the under 2’s and is passionate about families and giving babies the best start in life.

      Her personal interests is family time.

    • Sarah
      Early Years Practitioner

      Sarah works in the Ducklings room and is passionate about keeping a safe environment for the children. Personal interests are spending time with family and friends.

    • Lucy
      Early Years Practitioner

      Lucy works in the Ducklings room.  Lucy specialises in supporting babies first developments and building parent partnerships, she is passionate about promoting children’s communication through songs and rhymes.

      Her personal interests include dancing.

    • Zoe
      Early Years Practitioner

      I started at Dinky Ducks in 2019 and am in the baby room. I am currently studying for my Level 3 qualification. I enjoy reading with the children and communicating with them to develop their learning. Outside of work I enjoy spending time with my family and socialising with friends.

    • Becky
      Team Leader

      I have worked at Dinky Ducks since 2008. I am the Team Leader in the Ducklings room and I am SECO trained. I am passionate about helping the children to achieve their best in their learning and development. I enjoy spending my spare time with my grandson.

    • Tiffany
      Early Years Practitioner

      I have worked at Dinky Ducks in the Ducklings since May 2019. I enjoy helping and encouraging the children to achieve their next steps. I like to provide new experiences for the children to develop their learning whist having fun. Outside of work I love to spend quality time with family on day trips or seeing friends.

    • Vicki
      Early Years Practitioner

      I have worked in Ducklings for over five years and I enjoy singing time, stories and using makaton with the children and colleagues. Out of work I enjoy spending time with my children, family and friends.

    • Lauren K
      Early Years Manager

      I have worked for the company since 2010 – starting at Dinky Ducks in the Ducklings room. I have recently come back to co-manage Dinky Ducks. I completed my F.D in 2018 with Distinction and believe this has helped me to be able to fullfil this new role. I am passionate about building positive parent partnerships and working together to give children the best opportunities. Outside of work I enjoy watching football with my grandad.

    • Lauren E
      Early Years Manager

      I started working in Dinky Ducks in 2008 as a practitioner in the Ducklings room. I became the baby room team leader in 2011 before moving into a different area of the company in 2017. I came back to co-manage the nursery in 2019 after completing my degree and training in supporting the emotional health of the under fives. I am passionate about parent partnership in the setting and valuing each and every child for the unique character they are.

    • Vicki
      Early Years Practitioner

      Vicki specialises in Boogie Mites. She is passionate about helping children achieve and helping to provide the best possible start in life. Personal interests are spending time with family and socialising.

  • Please contact us to register your child at Dinky Ducks Day Care.