Puddle Ducks

2-5 Years
  • Encouraging learn through play

    Our puddles of learning are created by splashes of fun!
  • Puddle Ducks

    Puddle ducks is our pre-school area where the children are supported to learn through play. They are encouraged to choose their own activities and have plenty of time to follow their ideas through. Our enclosed private garden area has been developed so that children can learn through play indoors and outdoors all year round.

    • Age Group:
      2-5 Years Old
    • Group Size:
      56 Children
    • Sessions:
      Sessions available between 07.00-18.00
    • Well led and managed. Professional staff, perfect communication. The BEST nursery which deserves all credits and commendations. We are proud our children have the opportunity to attend Dinky Ducks.

    • I would like to say ‘thank you’ to everyone who works at Dinky Ducks as both my girls love It there and have learnt so much.

    • Helping children to meet goals and improving/ learning continually.

  • Puddle Duck Staff

    With education and experience in early childhood care
    • Laura Giffin
      Team Leader

      Laura has been at Dinky Ducks for 8 years, specialising in first aid. She is passionate about supporting children to learn and develop and to have funPersonal interests are swimming and reading, spending time with family and friends. Laura is also a Scout Leader.


    • Lauren Evans
      Team Leader

      Lauren has been at Dinky Ducks for 9 years, specialising in SENCO and baby signing. She is passionate about parent partnerships and key person relationships. Personal interests are spending time with friends and family, swimming and shopping.

    • Julia Batley
      Nursery Manager

      Julia has been at Dinky Ducks for 13 years specialising in managing a dedicated team of professional practitioners. She is passionate about inspiring children to be whatever they choose to be. Personal interests are singing in a choir, watching rugby and the occasional bike ride.

    • Becky Higgon
      Team Leader

      Becky has been at Dinky Ducks for 9 years, specialising in SENCO. She is passionate about helping children reach the highest potential that they possibly can. Personal interests are relaxing with family.

    • Lydia Richardson
      Qualified practitioner

      Lydia has been at Dinky Ducks for 8 years specialising in Makaton. She is passionate about children’s achievement. Personal interests are “using Makaton in everyday conversations!”


    • Rachel Gow
      Qualified Practitioner

      Rachel has been at Dinky Ducks for 8 years, specialising in physical activities, health and wellbeing and Boogie Mites. She is passionate about allowing children to be children, to explore, learn and play within a safe, secure and stimulating environment. She is also committed to being able to extend and support a child’s learning. Personal interests are reading, exercise, DIY, swimming and meeting up with friends.

    • Lindsey Davies
      Kitchen Assistant

      Lindsey has been at Dinky Ducks for 1 year, specialising in nutrition and cooking. She is passionate about healthy eating and having fun. Personal interests are spending time with her children and making cakes.

    • Alison Morris-Wilson
      Senior Practitioner

      Alison has been at Dinky Ducks for 5 years, specialising in Time Line, Birthday Board and Planning Board. She is passionate about seeing the children reach their milestones/full potential and excel. Personal interests are spending time with my family and friends, poetry writing and cooking new dishes. She is currently doing her level 5 in Early Years and Education.

    • Megan Charrington
      Nursery Nurse Apprenticeship and Key Person

      Megan has been at Dinky Ducks for 7 months. She is passionate about working with children and helping them have the best start in life. Personal interests are art and craft, music, playing the guitar and spending time with my family.

    • Jordan May
      Qualified Nursery Practitioner

      Jordan has been at Dinky Ducks for 3 years, specialising in English as an additional language when parents/Carers are away from home. She is passionate about building up positive partnerships with parents and families, as well as supporting the children in meeting their developmental goals. Personal interests are Spending time with family and friends, travelling and playing the guitar.

    • Claire West

      Claire has been at Dinky Ducks for 1 month. She is passionate about helping children to achieve their full potential and giving them help and support. Personal interests are attending car shows and walking her Dog. Claire has 20 years experience in working with children from toddler groups to running PEEP courses for parents.

    • Charlotte Harrison
      EYT (Emotional Wellbeing Lead)

      Charlotte has been at Dinky Ducks for 3 years, specialising in emotional wellbeing and school transition. She is passionate about supporting children’s emotional health. Personal interests are playing the piano and baking.

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